Video Series

Part of the Restorative Inquiry Report is a Five Part Video Series.

Video 1 provides a short overview of the history of the NSHCC and introduction of former residents’ journey to light.
Video 1 - The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children A Brief History

Video 2 provides a summary of the journey for former residents.
Video 2: The Journey

Video 3 provides an overview of a restorative approach to public inquiry.
Video 3: What is a Restorative Inquiry

Video 4 shares some perspectives of the participants experience of the restorative approach to inquiry.
Video 4: Experiencing The Restorative Process

Video 5 shares some learning for the difference the restorative process has made.
Video 5: What Difference Did it Make?

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Other Videos:

As part of the its reporting and sharing process, the Restorative Inquiry also held a public event in March 2019 to explore lessons learned from the experience of the Inquiry about the potential for a restorative approach to address the issue of racial justice. This event brought international expert Margaret Burnham together with local leaders in the field and community to consider the model and work of the Inquiry.