A Different Way Forward

The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children Restorative Inquiry will reveal and address part of the harmful legacy of racism in Nova Scotia by examining the Home and the experiences of former residents, as well as the impact on their families and communities.

A traditional public inquiry is focused on uncovering facts and laying blame. We need to understand not only what happened, but why it happened and why it matters for all Nova Scotians.  We need a process shaped by restorative principles that does no further harm, includes all voices and seeks to build healthy and just relationships so we can learn and act together.

The Restorative Inquiry will look at the past with a focus on future solutions: not only preventing any more harm, but making meaningful changes that will help us treat each other more justly and equitably in the future.

For Former Residents

The Restorative Inquiry will provide safe and welcoming spaces so you can share in a way that you feel supported.

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Reflection and Action Task Group

The Reflection and Action Task Group has released its second report to the Legislature. This report outlines government’s work to date in supporting the inquiry.